• Introduction
    • Key elements of the webinar
    • Insight on sales enablement: help salespeople get up to speed
    • A drop in performance?
    • Onboarding challenges
    • Virtual selling challenges
    • Video is a key media for sales performance
    • How does video address these issues at every stage of the sales cycle?
    • The seller's challenges
    • How to use video to better prospect?
    • Deal intelligence
    • Deal intelligence -User journey
    • Account management
    • Account management -User journey
    • Sales upskilling
    • Question: How does the integration work with Salesforce and other Outreach software?
    • Question: How do you manage the adoption by sales of another new tool which also requires technical skills to make a great video?
    • How to implement successfully video in your sales team?
    • 3 keys to succeed
    • Provide an easy and direct access to information
    • Powerful search engine
    • Create engaging content for your sales teams
    • Provide videos that are twice as engaging
    • Add Chapters to your videos
    • Add subtiltes to your videos
    • Add Call to actions to your videos
    • Question: Subtitling is time consuming, do you have any tips to make it easier?
    • Question: Can we secure videos for internal use?
    • Question: What are the points to pay attention toso that the video is still qualitative? Do you need filming equipment?
    • Track & analyze to improve your videos assets
    • What are the key video metrics to analyze?
    • Measure the impact on the business
    • Question: How long does it take to create a video with your solution?
    • Tanguy de Lamarzelle on LinkedIn
    • Momindum Website
    • Hadrien Lefebvre on LinkedIn
    • EasyMovie Website
    • Contact Momindum
    • Contact EasyMovie

Replay - How to accelerate your sales cycles using video?

Published on 10/05/2021   Replay Live
  • Td Tanguy de Lamarzelle

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