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    How to reach a larger audience and increase your return on investment ? Internationalize your videos by automatically translating your subtitles with Momindum Cloud. Go into the video editing menu to manage your subtitles. The subtitles are automatically generated in the native language. Click on the translation button to select a new language. Then you simply need to select the targeted language and click on "Translate". In this example, we'll translate the subtitles in French. Our platform supports up to 37 languages with more to come. Once the automatic translation is finished, it will be available in the subtitle section. If you want to edit the translation, click on the editing button on the desired language, you will land directly on the transcription editing page. You can now modify the time codes of the subtitles, delete them and of course modify the text. Click on "Publish" to validate the modifications. If you don't speak the targeted language or if you want to work with professional translators, simply download the SRT file and send it to a colleague or professional translator. Once you receive the new subtitles version, simply replace the SRT file and it's done. Click on "Use as transcript". If you want this language to be used as such, finally, to display the subtitles in your video, simply click on "Allow the subtitle to display". Your video now has a new language available in the subtitle section. By selecting the language with the icon at the bottom right corner, your video now displays the translated subtitles.

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New Release - Automatic Translation

Published on 03/22/2023

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