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    Sanofi is a worldwide company with more than 100 000 people worldwide. We take care of people life and we're looking for solutions for our patients combining breakout science and responsible solutions. That's why it's important for us that our employees have a high level of knowledge and technology. In Research and Development, we are in a regulated environment where we have a lot of regulations coming from health authorities in America, in Europe or in Asia. so that's why it's very important that we have a good knowledge of those regulations when we are conducting our clinical trials, and we have really good knowledge to foster efficencies across the teams In trial operations, our team Trial Experts Services has a critical role and objective to define processes and best practices that's why it's important for us to develop a good knowledge management system as part of our operational quality system. we have trial managers, we have data managers, and other kind of experts that are going to support the conduct of the studies. Link to this situation, we have really to set up an environment where we can develop a "cross fertilization" What "cross fertilization" means is really that we take advantage of what one collaborator may find in one place of the world as a best practice and very quickly we use it and we communicate it to the rest of the teams worldwide Currently, we use PowerPoint presentations and share drives like SharePoint. We have seen that this is not effective in term of looking for the informations and storage the knowledge, so that's why we really wanted to find a more innovative solution like videos, like YouTube, where people would be able to look and quickly find their needs. What is innovative in this tool is that we have a smart research, it means that moreover than looking for the information in the video, you can also tag a part of information within the video and share it with your collegues So this is very important because people can share with the rest something that they found within the video. What we can say is that we are very happy with the first the results of our TO Web TV. We have more than 700 people already connected, we have more than 150 hours of people looking at our videos, so this is really huge for us because we have never seen this. So now, what are going to be our next steps of course to have more videos in our library we want also to anchor these practices to look for informations in the TO Web TV as part of the normal working practices of our people, and of course, to improve the experience of looking for informations in our TO Web TV.

    • Presentation - Martin Rodriguez
    • What are the stakes for Sanofi ?
    • What are the missions of the Trial Operations Expertises department ?
    • Who is your target and what issues do you deal with ?
    • What tools did you use to achieve your goals until now and why the TO Web TV ?
    • How is the TO Web TV innovative ?
    • What are the results ?

Success Story - How Sanofi boost knowledge Sharing and Cross Fertilization With Videos?

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