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    In this presentation we will discuss the best ways to use videos for internal communication.
    According to a study conducted last year by Com’In on creativity within the internal communication sector: 69% of professionals used videos to engage their colleagues’ interest and 41% intended to increase their use in the year to come.
    Videos are an essential medium as they allow companies:
    To reinforce the commitment of employees by playing to their emotions,
    To simplify information,
    To share messages around the world,
    And to record important moments.
    But how can you use them in a creative, original way for internal communication?
    How can you welcome new employees? Use videos to introduce your new recruits, having them explain their career path, their skills, and the role they will play in the company. This way, all employees benefit from knowing each other better, and the new ones are more quickly integrated.
    You can also share the latest information and news. Send short informational videos to employees to keep them up-to-date. Post your internal newsletters in video format to enhance the impact of your communications.
    Also use videos to inform your employees of company procedures, rules, and policies. It can be difficult to feel connected in large groups. Address this issue by broadcasting interviews of various colleagues. The videos humanize the relationships among employees. They have the opportunity to share the problems they encounter in their profession, the solutions they found, daily best practices, customer success stories, etc. Another way to use videos includes capturing the daily life of employees. Immerse your company in their missions and highlight their successes with small video reports. Thus, everyone better understands the role of others.
    Use videos to share lighter information, like fun details about your colleagues. Report on those who manage to balance busy personal lives with their professional lives. This is a great way to improve the relationships between employees and enable them to better understand how to balance their private / professional lives. Also, be sure to give your employees the floor! Encourage video production by employees to obtain feedback from the field and concrete business cases. Broadcast your general assemblies and statements from the CEO and invite your staff to interact. This is particularly useful for sharing end-of-year wishes, explaining a financial assessment, presenting the annual objectives, or communicating during a crisis.
    It is also a great way to send company information to your shareholders in a simple and accessible format. Post your conferences for those who were not able to attend or put together a small cut of the highlights of events in which the company participated. Finally, use videos to officially thank the teams and employees who deserve it!
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.
    Thank you and see you soon!

    • The best ways to use videos for internal communication
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    • Thank you and see you soon!
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The best ways to use videos for internal communication

Published on 03/28/2017   Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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