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    Hello, welcome to this quick presentation of Momindum’s solution. Let’s start with a striking figure ! According to Gartner, 75% of employees in large companies interact more than three times a day with different types of videos. Companies are therefore looking to deploy professional “YouTube” or “Netflix”. This media is therefore at the heart of our businesses. It has become essential for training, information and communication. That's why Momindum offers a comprehensive video solution for businesses. Focus on your job, we handle your video issues. Momindum offers a complete cloud solution to create and broadcast your professional videos. Thanks to a powerful internal and secure YouTube, finally promote video sharing, live or on demand, within your company. We provide a complete solution to record, enrich and broadcast your videos. Automatically tag your videos with outline, transcription, quizzes, call to actions and documents to improve the impact of your content. Last but not least, every video is indexed in our search engine. Thanks to this, viewers access directly to the relevant information. Record videos and automatically enrich them with our unique self-production software. Transform all your PowerPoints into interactive videos and capture powerful screencast tutorials in a few clicks. Then, share them securely on your employees workplace. This gives them access to the right information at the right time. Finally, simply measure your return on investment with detailed statistics. Thanks to the Momindum video solution, promote communication between your teams, increase their productivity and improve the performance of your company.
    For more information Checkout our website or contact an expert now ! Thanks for watching and see you soon on Momindum TV !

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Presentation of the Momindum's solution

Published on 12/17/2020   Momindum solutions
  • AD Alexandre DEL LUNGO

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