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    Discover the six new features. Momentum teams develop to provide you a best in class service. First of all, the playlists, your company generates a lot of content. So it's sometimes hard for your viewers to know where to begin. This is why Momentum decided to add the playlist functionality on the momentum menu. You can now create and manage playlists. You can add or delete the media files in your playlists and define their order of appearance. Plus your viewers will watch the videos in the right order and will better understand the content to learn more about playlists. We invite you to click on the following link. You have a lot of content that you want to internationalize quickly. And at low cost, momentum has added an automatic translation function of the subtitles generated in the native language of your videos. Simply go to the media management page. Then on the existing subtitle, click on translate. Once the translation is generated, you can modify it directly online in momentum maker light or simply download the S RT file to make some modifications to it. The automatic translation is available as an option. Don't hesitate to contact us to add it to your subscription to learn more about this functionality. Click on the following link, you want to archive some videos that are too old, not relevant without deleting them. Definitively, momentum has added a video archiving function. Our videos are encoded in five different formats to optimize content delivery. This function will free up story space by keeping only the native format of the video. Once archived, the video will not be visible to your viewers and you will be able to reactivate it at any moment. Let's see how it works in your media list. You can now click on archive. If you want to retrieve the videos, you archived, go to the advanced search options. Then in display medias click on archived videos to restore the video. Click on the icon to un ach the content, all five formats will be recovered. You want to personalize your web TV, by integrating an HTML banner to propose additional content to present actualities or share important information. You can now integrate I frames into your web TV in the settings section. And then in portal, you can now select iframe in the widgets and then drag and drop either in the main banner or in the content. Simply add the source of the website and then configure the ratios depending on the devices. You can add several iras by clicking on, add a source. Once finished, the IRA will be visible on your web TV. When you have a lot of administrators and media files to manage. It's sometimes hard to delete these items. One by one. That's why momentum has added a mass deletion feature in the admin management section. It's now possible to select and then delete several administrators. The videos linked to these administrators will then be attributed to the parent administrator. In the same way, when you go to your media list, you can select several media files and delete them in one click. Be careful as the deletion will be irreversible with momentum, you can have both public and private videos. So it's important to quickly and simply identify the rule applied to your content. So that for instance, a promotional video would not be marked as private in error as a reminder, a private video will respect the security rules set up on your momentum platform. For instance, if your momentum platform is secured by an S S O authentication system, your private videos will only be accessible to people connected to the S S O public videos will be accessible to all people having the link to your videos. In order to facilitate the identification of the public and private status, mind them replace the labels, private and public in full letters by a red closed padlock and a green open padlock. This way you can identify the status of your video at a glance.

    • Playlists
    • Automatic translation
    • Archive function
    • Iframes
    • Muliple video & admin deletion
    • Content safety
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New Releases - April 2023

Published on 05/26/2023

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