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    Client Testimony

    Sylvain Daumer: Business Process Manager, IT Operations, UFF.
    Interview with
    Tanguy de Lamarzelle: Marketing director at Momindum.

    Hello Sylvain! You have recently implemented the MyCorpTV solution for your business UFF, with about two thousand colleagues. We thank you for being willing to meet with us and offer a testimony today. So first off, to make sure we understand your project—tell us about UFF and the role that it plays.

    Okay. UFF is a consulting bank for holdings and assets. We have in fact a network of assets and holdings with over two hundred associates and we offer services for all of our clients for the full range of products on the market: securities, insurance, or real estate, etc. We work with enterprises of products for their public revenue office, or simply all that concerns employee savings.

    How did you decide to implement MyCorpTV?

    In fact, before we began using MyCorpTV we were facing challenges with technological change. While developing this relationship, we had acquired a resource, AEC, from Aviva, a commercial force we used as a beginning framework to try to modernize our teamwork process. We chose Salesforce specifically to gain entry in the digital world, to computerize the process of leadership, and to capitalize on the opportunity to replace our former CRM. The advantage that Salesforce offers is that it democratizes the user experience, where users can find the Portfolio, see our commercial activity, manage activity, and also see which accounts have aligned themselves with our leadership around operations and files, thanks to the Chatter feed. And within this space, we integrated MyCorpTV, that we renamed “Channel UFF.” It provides an instructive portal for all users, presenting the specific functions that we chose as useful.

    And what would be the risks for UFF without the MyCorpTV project?

    Perhaps delayed use... The use of MyCorpTV allowed us to concentrate in a short amount of time—we spent about a week developing all of its content—to concentrate sequences of information and give users the choice of when to consult them. We have a lot of users who work quite late with their clients, they’ll be at their house at 10, 10:30 pm, and wherever they are, they can consult, whenever necessary, the videos of Channel UFF.

    Do you think that MyCorpTV helped you limit resistance to change?

    Yes. When we decided to not do face-to-face trainings, it was unheard of to just send a document throughout the enterprise, that users could just handle that. So MyCorpTV allowed us to get rid of that resistance, in that sense, because the information has an educational component, and offers in real time information at the user's disposal.
    When you put this program into place, did you determine specific objectives?

    The objectives first included that of visualization: that is the first point, to use visuals effectively. The second objective is to permit collaborators, who work on the project, to highlight their content, showing the importance of the presentation and the themes that they work with. This is something very positive for us, because oftentimes videos and media as a mode of communication can seem like something cold. However, with this software you know that these are your real colleagues, people from UFF, you see their faces, you see the video, you know who these people are, and this actually facilitates dialogue beyond when our colleagues watch these videos. Because, thanks to Salesforce Chatter, you can continue to engage in these dialogues with users about this or that, or ideas one did not understand well. All of this creates interpersonal relationships that are really much more satisfying.

    So concretely, how did putting MyCorpTV into place work out?

    We made videos on our most essential themes. First off, we created orientation videos for Salesforce, its navigation, etc. Very quickly, we concentrated on scheduling appointments, consultations on information in the Portfolio, activity reports, all that… the full duration of themes we had in the program. These key themes are irreplaceable in order to work well and efficiently.

    Did you create all of your content internally?

    In fact, yes, internally some of our team members, including myself, made all of the video presentations. We had 20 presentations, and the most time consuming was making our PowerPoints, which took from half an hour up to two hours, for our most dense ones, to make. After, we were able to film quite easily, because we were able to scroll down the slides in just one click, since the prompter scrolled through the slides. So, if you can film in just one take, it goes pretty quickly. Out of our twenty presentations done in two weeks, we were able to stick to our plan of doing so many in just two weeks, so what I would say is yes, it goes quite quickly.

    We are going to talk now about your results. In your opinion, what are the qualitative results of using MyCorpTV?

    For results, I want to first talk about my own team, for an essential qualitative factor is its accessibility. I mean this in the sense that it was a very simple application, directly integrated with PowerPoint, and created in an easy-to-learn way. Momindum explained to us that preparing your PowerPoint well saves you time when working with your presentations in MyCorpTV. So we did that well, and it went very quickly. It was enjoyable to make, and the people who filmed the video were happy to do so. We looked for the experts in the company within each domain, people that were the most experienced, most commercially-savvy, to film and diffuse the knowledge of their own domain—which was much appreciated. That’s because there’s a modern side—Salesforce integrated, with video, appearing images—however there is also a “homemade” side, where the viewer can tell that the videos are not pretentious, nor too flashy. MyCorpTV is modern, but it stays at the same time profoundly human, and quite adapted to our image, the image of UFF.

    And in terms of quantitative results?

    In terms of quantitative results, I would say that this allowed us to avoid doing site visits to all of our offices all over France, where in the past, seven or eight people would be deployed to 24 sites—which is remarkable. What I see more particularly, is the time that the software saved us, where we do not have to spend days in training, and instead benefit from a presentation done in the exact way the presenter had prepared. And while producing MyCorpTV, we only had to use the time to prepare these publications, and that use of time, I believe, gained us at least a month—four to six weeks—of advancement. We could not advance the way we did if we had not chosen this type of solution.

    We have finished presentations all of which concern change management and Salesforce readiness, with six or seven hundred views. We have received about 4,000 views on all of our published videos. This heightened when we doubled the themes we worked on, creating presentations that are longer and presentations in flash mode. “How to create a group:” in 50 seconds. “How to schedule a meeting:” in 50 seconds, because our advisor did not have very much time, and needed our information very quickly… Everything stayed enjoyable.

    What are, in your opinion, the three key benefits of MyCorpTV?

    What I take away is: one, that it is easy to use, two, that it is quick with speedy publication, and three, that there is no difference as there is with in-person training: we are certain that there is homogeneity in our content and that there is no distortion of our messages. Those I would say are the three key benefits. I would also add that we greatly appreciated the technical and functional support offered by the Momindum teams in our technical configuration, for this process is not always easy when you are not a technical expert. In addition, we enjoyed accelerated learning of the best uses of our tools.

    To wrap up, how are you going to evolve your use of MyCorpTV in the future?

    We will continue using MyCorpTV Channel UFF as a portal for diffusing educational information. And then, as we reflect with our management team, we have found other types of uses: why not use Channel UFF to give information to product presentations and managers? Or to accompany the release of products into the commercial world, to explain their characteristics and how to sell them?

    Thank you very much Sylvain for your testimony!

    Thank you, Tanguy.

    • Introduction
    • Can you tell us about UFF?
    • Leading society in advising and managing assets
    • How did you decide to implement MyCorpTV?
    • High stakes of technology change
    • Need to offer a solution compatible with Chatter
    • What would be the risks for UFF without the MyCorpTV project?
    • Later deployment of Salesforce
    • Trouble producing content quickly
    • Do you think that MyCorpTV helped you limit resistance to change?
    • Yes, better user support
    • Yes, less resistance due to our always available content
    • Did you determine specific objectives?
    • Use visualizations effectively
    • Highlight the individual collaborators who contributed
    • Concretely, how did putting MyCorpTV into place work out?
    • Creating videos on the most essential themes
    • Did you create all of your content internally?
    • A project created internally
    • Easy to take charge of filming
    • What are the qualitative results of using MyCorpTV?
    • An accessible solution for all users
    • An enjoyable experience
    • Both modern and "homemade," in harmony with the image of UFF
    • What are the quantitative results of using MyCorpTV?
    • An economic gain: no deployments just to present
    • A major timesaver: 4 to 6 Weeks!
    • Popular, useful presentations: 4000 views
    • What are the three key benefits of MyCorpTV?
    • Quick and easy sharing of consistent information
    • Much-appreciated technical and functional support from Momindum
    • How are you going to evolve your use of MyCorpTV in the future?
    • Share educational information on Chatter
    • Brainstorm future uses
    • Thank You
    • UFF
    • MyCorpTV
    • Challenges of change
    • Modernize our process
    • Chatter
    • Risks
    • User choice
    • Resistance to change
    • Face-to-face training
    • Effectiveness
    • Visualization
    • Highlight collaborators
    • Implementation
    • Themes
    • Internal recording
    • Presentation
    • PowerPoint
    • Filming
    • Results
    • Qualitative gains
    • PowerPoint
    • Enjoyable experience
    • Results
    • Quantitative gains
    • Save time
    • Authoritative presentations
    • Key Benefits
    • Technical support
    • Informative Portal
    • Access our website
    • Discover UFF
    • Contact Us

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Published on 03/16/2015   MyCorpTV for Salesforce
  • SD Sylvain Daumer
  • Td Tanguy de Lamarzelle

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