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    Hello, and welcome to our presentation about Momindum Cloud.
    Whether you use a “Content Management System” or an “Enterprise Social Network”, Momindum Cloud is THE solution for creating and sharing video presentations.
    Each collaborator produces compelling video content, right from their computer, to share “best practices”, “product information”, “sales pitches”, and more. Lower your costs with Momindum Cloud.
    Use material your organization already has to make a great presentation without hiring an outside party.
    You also save training costs by informing employees of key concepts before a live training session, or by replacing the training session with a video.
    You can even use video presentations to replace time-consuming teleconferences and webinars. With video presentations, knowledge is shared and used more effectively.

    Employees record, edit, and publish their video presentations anywhere in the world, using our software and online solutions. Their content will be readable on any device, so everyone is always informed.

    Viewers directly access the information they need thanks to a clickable outline, a transcript and searchable keywords. Employees save time looking for information and are better prepared for collaboration and decision-making.

    Furthermore, users synchronize their videos with related documents like web pages and PDFs. This increases information recall by exercising viewers’ visual and auditory memories.

    The money and time saved with Momindum Cloud lets your company focus on reaching its objectives.
    Momindum Cloud gives you two simple solutions for creating professional “video presentations”.
    Our software solution, Momindum Maker, is a “plugin for PowerPoint”. Maker helps you record and synchronize your video with slides, an outline, keywords, a transcript, and related documents. You can even upload and synchronize a preexisting video.

    After synchronizing your presentation elements, you can also edit your presentation before publishing on the platform of your choice. If you do not have the administrator rights to download software on your computer, or if you want to create and edit your presentation from any computer , we suggest that you produce presentations with our “SaaS solution”, Momindum Maker Lite. This online solution lets you create video content from your web browser.
    Our “API” system ensures that content created with our tools will be compatible with your CMS or enterprise social network. Viewers will not have any problems accessing or sharing your presentations.
    Momindum Cloud is an intuitive solution for your business' communication needs.  

    It is an all-inclusive offer.
    The package includes unlimited use of our content creation tools.
    Secure “video hosting” is also guaranteed for all platforms. Your content will always be protected.
    And no matter which form of media you use in your presentation, it will be encoded for readability on all devices--PCs, Macs, tablets, and more.
    Additionally, all of our services use “adaptive bitrate” technology. This means that the quality of your video will adapt to the bandwidth of each viewer. If the viewer has a strong internet connection, the video will be streamed in high definition. If his connection is weak, the video quality will be adjusted so that the video is still clearly visible. Another helpful feature is the statistical reports that display viewer behavior. These reports show how often videos and video segments are consulted over time. You can even see which employees have seen specific presentations, and compare viewing behavior with work performance. This feature makes it easy to evaluate the impact of your content and to make adjustments for even higher employee achievement.
    To learn more about Momindum Cloud, contact us directly or visit our website momindum.com.  
    Thank you for watching.

    • A Turnkey SaaS Solution for your CMS or ESN
    • A Unique Solution for Any Platform
    • Share Company Knowledge
    • Reduce Costs
    • Boost Company Productivity
    • Create Compelling Training Videos
    • Momindum Maker
    • Maker Lite : The Online Solution
    • Publish Directly on Your Platform
    • Simple Solution, Big Results
    • An All-Inclusive Offer
    • Measure ROI At a Glance
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Momindum Cloud presentation

Published on 05/12/2015   Momindum solutions
  • CL Cara Lahr

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