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    This presentation will analyze the process of organizing a digital transformation for your company and how videos can be a very useful tool in accomplishing this. Before deploying a new digital solution, it is essential to determine the following:

    First, define the "measurable business objectives" of the solution. What are the desired time span and business performance indicators to employ so that you can receive concrete results?

    Fix the "key performance indicators.” You must establish quantifiable indicators to regularly evaluate progress.

    Also define operational mechanisms to implement so that you can track these indicators.

    Lastly, determine processes and statistical reports that you will use to to measure your ROI.
    Then define the strategies to put in place to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of your solution by your employees. Please note that you must adapt your methods and discourse to each of your target audiences.

    Prepare all stakeholders by communicating the changes to come.

    Ensure that the main actors in the project are committed.

    Set up an appraisal and incentive system for users in relation to the objectives.

    Establish a "communication plan" around the new solution.

    Plan a "training strategy" with effective and attractive content to help your users adopt the new solution.

    Finally, provide a support system to help your employees with any challenges that may arise. When deploying a new solution, we can be faced with opposition from employees. Over 50% of future users will resist change because of fear. As they say, old habits die hard.

    The best way to remove these barriers is to train and motivate users by explaining how the new solution works and especially how it will be beneficial to their daily activities. This will facilitate and expedite its acceptance. Develop a proper training strategy.

    Make adequate preparations before launching your new solution.

    After, design your training path well and create attractive modules.
    Then deploy these courses to your users and make sure they are followed strictly.

    Finally, motivate your best users by rewarding them. In detailing the four points, we will start by paving the way with your employees.

    Here, you must do adequate research before deploying a new solution. Identify your future users and communicate effectively with them so they can understand what the tool actually is.

    Then, it is important to give them an overview of how the solution will be deployed. Explain to them what they can expect from this change and its benefits to them.
    Present possible alternatives. In general, choose a unique, simple and ergonomic platform to enable users find the information with ease.
    Finally, be clear about what you expect of them. What are the main objectives of the platform? How will you measure success? These will help to reassure your employees. The second step involves creating effective "training materials" that explain the use of this new solution.

    For this, we first have to introduce concrete cases with real businesses for users to quickly engage with. Insist on functionality but also on the benefits of the solution. Videos are a tool particularly suited for this. Register your employees in the workplace and make screenshots so they can visualize exactly what you expect of them.
    Also offer quick access to this training content directly where users work. It is important to index and reference your videos so users can quickly find the information they need.
    Finally, the content must be made attractive, fun and educational. Be careful when designing the modules and offer permanent access to them. Furthermore, to reach all users, create different channels such as videos, e-learning, hard copy documents, and in-person training sessions.

    Encourage exchanges between experts and learners to accelerate the learning process and also to benefit from user feedback. Carefully consider these remarks because employees use digital tools in their personal lives so, they will be very demanding with the tools deployed in their workplace.

    Finally, measure the participation of your training to determine which employees may need additional support in certain areas of the training.
    Fourth, you must note that it is not enough to train your users but you should also motivate them to use the new digital solution.

    To do this, select the best users and "early adopters.” These people should be given open recognition and rewarded. Their testimonies should be recorded to effectively promote the right users and motivate others to follow. Experience shows that behavioral change with a new digital solution takes time.

    The first phase of enthusiasm is pretty easy to get, but sustainable growth is a more complicated task. Therefore, you must ensure that your platform is regularly supplied with information relevant to users. Also, ensure that managers support users and share content daily.

    Communication also must be constant. Employees should be regularly encouraged to visit the platform for key information.
    Finally, it is essential to measure the use of your solution to see if you have achieved the business objectives initially set. To do this, set up the statistical reports to check, for example, the number of views, the quality of the information entered, the shared content, and more. Then, compare this with your initial performance indicators and calculate your return on investment.
    Once again, videos are a simple and effective tool to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of your digital solutions. If you require further information, please contact us via the link on your screen.

    Thank you for watching!

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Make your digital transformation successful

Published on 07/27/2016   Momindum solutions, Best practices and Tutorials
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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