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    Do you want to create a video with the Momindum solution but don’t know where to begin?
    In this video, we will discuss seven key steps for creating your presentation, broadcasting it, and analyzing its efficiency.

    The first step is identifying a relevant project. You must ensure that self-production is the best way to effectively communicate your message.
    Reflect on the information you would like to share, your target audience, resources, available budget, maximum lead time, and content lifetime.
    Once you’ve considered all of the details, you can begin to create your presentation.
    To help with your reflection and your comprehension of the elements required to create an effective PowerPoint presentation, we recommend looking at both the presentations under the “Benefits and Uses” category of Momindum TV and that on the science behind an effective presentation.

    You can then design your PowerPoint presentation. Thanks to Momindum Maker, you will be able to capture your video and synchronize it automatically with all of the elements of your PowerPoint.
    To create a high-quality PowerPoint for recording with Maker, you need to follow some best practices. For more information, please consult the corresponding video under related documents. Be sure to design slides with images that contain only the key information. The PowerPoint must remain a visual support for your speech.
    To create a high-quality video with your webcam and computer, it is essential to be well-prepared and follow these best practices:
    Practice reading the text out loud,
    Adjust the camera and microphone,
    Dress appropriately,
    And position yourself correctly in front of the camera.

    If you’d like more information, please consult our two presentations on best practices which are available in the related documents section of this video.

    You can now start recording with Maker.
    It’s a simple and ergonomic software that is directly integrated in PowerPoint. You simply need to open your PowerPoint presentation and start recording from the “Momindum Maker” tab.
    To better understand how to capture a video with Maker, you can watch the corresponding video under related documents.

    Once the recording is finished, test, edit, and publish your presentation with Maker.
    With this interface, you can easily modify your outline, keywords, transcript, and related documents. However, you will NOT be able to edit your video file.
    To find out more, please consult the related video.

    Next, publish your presentation and distribute it quickly to your employees. To do this, upload it to your Momindum platform and share it with your teams.
    Be careful as publishing your presentation does not necessarily mean it will be viewed. If you would like to get a lot of views, you must communicate effectively. Please consult the video on best practices to increase the visibility of your content.

    Finally, to ensure the success of your project and calculate your return on investment, consider checking your statistics.
    Indeed, on your Momindum platform, you can easily see who has viewed your presentations, for how long, and which parts. You will quickly understand what interests your listeners and thus be able to create content more and more efficiently.

    You now know the key steps for creating and distributing a video.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.
    Thank you and see you soon.

    • Key steps for self-producing a video
    • Identify a relevant project
    • Design a good PowerPoint
    • Prepare for recording
    • Record your project
    • Test and edit the presentation
    • Distribute and communicate
    • Analyze your ROI
    • Thank you and see you soon!
    • Benefits and Uses
    • Momindum Maker
    • Momindum website
    • Uses and benefits
    • The science behind an effective presentation
    • Best practices for creating your PowerPoint
    • Best practices : Create a video presentation
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    • How to capture a video with Momindum Maker
    • How to edit and publish a video with Maker
    • Contact us
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Key steps for self-producing a video

Published on 03/28/2017   Best practices and Tutorials
  • SH Simone Holmes

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