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    In this presentation, we are going to see how you can manage and publish your videos and presentations through Momindum Cloud.

    First, open your Internet browser, go to cloud.momindum.com and fill in your login username and password. If you don’t know your login credentials, we invite you to contact your administrator or the Momindum team. Through Momindum Cloud, you can publish videos and video presentations simply.

    For this, click on the VOD tab. Several possibilities are available to you:
    First, you can click on Get a Token.

    If you wish, you can insert metadata into your production token to perform specific actions. This allows you to, for example:
    -open a page after publication
    -specify a project name or specific category of your video.
    -or add keywords to your presentation to help you find it more easily.

    Then, you can Generate your code.
    And copy it.

    Be aware, the token is only valid for two weeks and can only be used once.

    After you receive your code, open your video presentation in Momindum Maker.

    Click on Publish in the top right corner of your screen.
    Then, click on Momindum Cloud.
    A window will open and ask you for your production token.
    Paste your production token and click publish.

    To understand how to create and edit a video presentation, we invite you watch the video found in the related documents. If you wish to simply share a video that is not indexed with our Momindum Maker software, you can select your video file here and publish it. Now let us move on to the second possibility.

    You can upload your videos directly from our Momindum Maker software, but this is not obligatory. You can also upload any video file directly from your computer.

    In certain businesses, the established security rules do not permit users to publish presentations directly from Momindum Maker.
    If you find yourself in this case, you can upload your video presentations directly from Momindum Cloud.

    For this, go to the “Import a Video” tab.

    Then, select your video file or the “.mom” file that corresponds with your project. Once your presentation loads onto the platform, the video details will open. Here, you can:
    Change the thumbnail of your video.
    Change the title and description. Add a “Category” to classify and facilitate better access of your content. Then determine the type of media, the ratio and the layout of your choice. Of course, you can also change the author, availability and expiration dates and the interface language.
    Define the security if your presentation. Indeed, if the security rules have been established in your Momindum contract, select “Private” to restrict access to only intended individuals. On the other hand, if you wish to share your presentation with a wider audience, select “Public.”
    If you find an error in your published video, you can easily re-upload an edited version of the presentation by clicking on “Replace video” or “Replace the .mom project” Finally, share your video presentation where you wish.

    If you share it on a LMS, get the SCORM package or AICC package here and upload it on your platform. If you wish to share your video on an LMS, indicate the duration of the desired consultation before the validation of the module.
    If you simply want to share the URL link of your presentation by email, on your intranet site, the internet or an enterprise social network, retrieve it here.
    If you wish to embed the video presentation into a page on your internet or intranet sites, copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML code of your landing page.
    Finally, if you want to attach a thumbnail with the title of your video on a internet or intranet page and have the presentation open over your page, retrieve the Lightbox code here.

    Thanks to the Presentations tab, you can quickly find all of the published content on the platform.

    Here you can find the principal information concerning a presentation: duration, date or publication, whether it is private or public.
    By clicking on a presentation or the icon represented by a pencil, simply edit the information previously viewed and retrieve the sharing links.
    You can also simply delete a presentation by clicking on the basket.
    Finally, thanks to the search engine, you can quickly find the presentation that you want to edit or delete. Quickly analyze the impact of your presentations thanks to the “Global Statistics” tab. In seconds you can see the total number of views, and the duration of consultation of all of your videos over time.

    Simply see the most viewed presentations and measure the success of each one.
    If you have integrated your solution into a specific platform and you identify the users, you can also see here the number of views per user. By clicking on a presentation, you can access detailed statistics.

    Simply see the number of views and the duration of views for a given period.

    Also, take advantage of the number of views per chapter. You can then see which parts of the videos were well liked. Finally, if your platform allows, you can view the detailed statistics of consultation for each user:

    which presentations they watched;
    the number of views, duration of consultation, consultation history...

    Finally, you can very simply create subaccounts for your employees who wish to create and share content.
    They will have access to the platform to publish and manage their own videos. Warning, only the administrator has global visibility on all shared videos.
    For this, enter a login and a password and then pass the credentials on to the employee. They can, if they wish, modify the password. You now know how to publish and manage your video presentations on Momindum Cloud. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank  you and see you soon!

    • How to manage and publish your videos through Momindum Cloud
    • Sign-in to Momindum Cloud
    • Publish your video presentations
    • Retrieve your production token
    • Open your project and publish it.
    • Upload a single video
    • Load your project directly onto the Cloud
    • Manage and share your video
    • Manage all of your presentations
    • Analyze the impact of your videos
    • Detailed Statistics by Presentation
    • Detailed Statistics By User
    • Create subaccounts for your team
    • Thank you and see you soon!
    • Import a Video
    • .mom
    • Category
    • Private
    • Public.
    • Replace video
    • Replace the .mom project
    • Global Statistics
    • Momindum website
    • Contact us

How to manage and publish your videos through Momindum Cloud

Published on 03/28/2017   Best practices and Tutorials
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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