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    In this video we are going to talk about how to capture a presentation with the Momindum Maker software using Microsoft PowerPoint The first step is to download and install Maker by clicking the link on your screen. To install this software, you must be an authorised administrator and should have PowerPoint 2007 or newer.

    Once installed, a new tab will appear on your PowerPoint interface. Make sure that you have a high quality PowerPoint presentation before creating a video. For tips on how to do this, kindly watch the video on best practices which you can find via the link on your screen.
    By clicking on the Maker tab in PowerPoint, you can access all of the tools of our software.

    With the Recording tab, you can start capturing your video and it will automatically be synchronized with your presentation.

    With this, you have 3 options:

    First, the "Slides and Video” tab is used to record a video and synchronize it with your slides.
    Second, the "Slides and Audio" tab is used to record audio and synchronize it with your slides.
    Third is the "Slides with existing media" tab automatically synchronizes your items with a previously recorded video created via a different software or method.

    The "Export tab,” allows you to load your slides in the Maker tool and manually synchronize them with your media.

    In the Synchronization tab, you can choose which elements of your presentation you wish to synchronize.

    You should activate the "Prompter" menu before recording and insert “NEXT” in your comment box to display and automatically retrieve your PowerPoint animations. To learn more on this, watch the video on best practices for creating your PowerPoint.

    The "Video" tab allows you view the display of your camera to check the framing and quality of your image before recording.

    Finally, go to the advanced options of Maker by clicking the "Settings" tab.
    In Advanced Settings, you can make any necessary changes regarding:
    Your slides
    The teleprompter
    The camera and microphone, and
    The actions to take after recording. In the "Slides" menu, you can determine which elements you want to retrieve and synchronize with your video.
    For keywords, define which type of words you want to recover. Either bold, italics, underlined, or between quotation marks. We recommend you select “between quotation marks".

    You can also choose to synchronize web links as attachments and the text of the teleprompter as transcripts. Next, you can change the settings of your teleprompter. You can adjust the font size and use the text highlighting colour function to enhance the readability of your sentences. The third menu is very important because it controls your camera and microphone settings. Here you select and make the necessary adjustments to your camera and microphone. For more information on this, please watch our "Best practices: self-produce a video session 2" that can be accessed via the link on your screen.

    You can also choose the size of your video. It could be small, medium or large. HD and HD plus are not recommended as it is generally too powerful for your computer. Momindum Maker will automatically select the default size of your camera.
    In the recording menu, you can determine the actions to take after your capture. By default, your project will be saved in same folder as your PowerPoint and will automatically open in the editing Maker tool.
    When you are done editing your settings and finalizing your PowerPoint, activate your teleprompter by clicking the corresponding button.

    Then start your recording with the button "Slides and video" for example. A countdown starts with 3, - 2 – and then 1. At the end of the countdown you can begin...

    Thereafter, all items will be synchronized automatically. When recording, simply read your teleprompter at your pace.
    Make sure you read the highlighted sentence in bold. When you have finished reading it, go to the next sentence by pressing the down arrow key or the space bar on your keyboard. You can also scroll your text using a remote control. If you make a mistake during your recording, it is not necessary to restart the entire presentation or edit the video with external editing software.

    Simply click the “pause button” at the top left of the screen. Then select the slide from which you want to continue your recording. Please note that you must start at the beginning of the selected slide. Our software will do the video editing automatically. Once your presentation is complete, click "Escape" or the "Stop" button on the top left of the interface. By default, your project and your video will be saved in the same folder as your PowerPoint.

    The "Edit" section of Maker then opens, where you can edit, preview and publish your presentation.

    We have come to the end of this presentation and I hope you can now make a video presentation with Maker. To understand the process of editing and publishing your presentations, please watch the video "How to edit and publish a presentation with Maker".

    Good luck and Thank you for watching!

    • How to capture a video with Momindum Maker
    • Download and Install Maker
    • Prepare your PowerPoint Presentation
    • Overview of the Maker tab
    • Advanced settings
    • Synchronizing your slides
    • The teleprompter: display and settings
    • Audio / Video: camera & microphone settings
    • Recording: what do I do after capturing?
    • How do I start a recording?
    • Scrolling the Teleprompter
    • How can I pause when I’m recording?
    • Select the slide to continue recording
    • How do I end a recording?
    • Thank you for watching!
    • Slides and Audio
    • Slides with existing media
    • Prompter
    • NEXT
    • Video
    • Settings
    • Slides
    • Best practices: self-produce a video session 2
    • Slides and video
    • pause button
    • Escape
    • Stop
    • Edit
    • How to edit and publish a presentation with Maker
    • Momindum website
    • Download Maker
    • Best practices for creating your powerpoint
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    • Best practices: self-produce a video session 2!
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How to capture a video with Maker

Published on 07/22/2016   Best practices and Tutorials
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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