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    In this presentation, we are going to talk about how you can use videos to create and develop your digital library and boost employee performance.

    According to a Harvard Business School study, 95% of employees do not understand their company's strategy. This figure shows that it is particularly important to improve internal communication as ignorance of the company's strategy can have a negative impact on team performance.

    To be fully productive, it is crucial that employees move in the same direction with knowledge and organizational goals.

    The role of the internal communication and marketing department is to educate the staff on the strategic directions and developments of the company. It is essential for employees to understand and adhere to these goals. Thus, it is important to be able to distribute information quickly to all employees.
    Videos are a particularly effective tool for internal communication.

    Internal communication and marketing departments can now capture and share the kick-off, conferences, product launches, annual reports, words from the president, and market positioning of the firm through attractive videos. Thus, everyone has the same information simultaneously. Another study has shown that less than 55% of sales reps reach their goals.

    This is a significant shortfall for businesses. It is therefore crucial to provide sales reps with the resources needed to improve their productivity and achieve their objectives. It is best to set ambitious but attainable goals and to provide your sales reps with the tools necessary to achieve them. To boost productivity in your business, it is essential to share key information on sales techniques, sales pitches, business strategy, customer case studies, and more.

    Many sales managers share this information via PowerPoint presentation by email. However, a PowerPoint without verbal explanation can be interpreted in different ways. The initial message may be distorted and this can result in failed deals since the sales rep was not fully informed.

    Therefore, do not let the PowerPoint tell the story. Managers can make a video which synchronizes automatically with their PowerPoint. This way they quickly share a quality sales pitch to employees and within minutes, all can simultaneously benefit from the same information.

    Moreover, businesses are increasingly going mobile, with employees needing access to internally shared information wherever they are. Through online video presentations, they can quickly find the needed content on their devices when at home or away. This way they can be constantly informed without encroaching on their work time.

    Finally, videos are effective in aiding sales performance. Videos of satisfied clients showing success stories, customer case studies, and interviews can be used during an appointment with a prospective customer.

    According to a recent study, sales reps reach their maximum productivity 6 to 12 months after their arrival in the company.

    Videos are relevant in "facilitating the integration of your new employees“. By offering them a real "video toolbox," they quickly adapt into their new roles and your digital library is then developed.

    Make attractive videos to explain organizational goals, the culture of the company and any administrative issues like the process for asking for time off, expense reports, training requests, and more. This will facilitate the integration of new employees and thus accelerate their productivity.

    Also provide your new employees with a set of videos to train and motivate them in using the organizational tools at their disposal such as CRM, enterprise social networking, intranet, and software. It is crucial for these solutions to be efficiently used to attain their maximum productivity.

    Finally, capture training videos and presentations on your products or services and their benefits.

    With these videos, new employees will find all the information they need to kick start a successful and productive career. This will also increase their enthusiasm and give them a very positive first impression of the organization.

    Training is also key for increasing the skills and performance of your employees. Proper training is critical for your business and it is therefore essential that information is well capitalized.

    Videos are a great way to enhance the impact of your training by sharing information before the in-person session. By sharing the content before the session, you standardize the knowledge level of your learners and you can go directly into the core details during the in-person training.

    You can also record and distribute a "summary of your training" with key points to remember.

    Furthermore, by videotaping the lecture part of trainings, you allocate more time to interpersonal interaction between the learners and the instructor during the in-person training. This helps your learners commit the content to memory. In addition, you can share the training online and offer learners “direct and unlimited access to information.”

    Finally, you create new content and "digitalize personalised trainings" that you could not achieve before due to limited internal resources. You can then distribute the content to your employees. Some employees who had no previous access to the information will now be able to learn new skills quickly.

    Retirements, dismissals, and resignations of employees affect a company’s "turnover". These changes create a loss of know-how and expertise which can result in negative impacts on business results.

    Therefore, it is essential to retain the expertise of employees who will be leaving their positions. By videotaping them, you capitalize on their knowledge and offer new employees quick access to pertinent information. They can look up the videos anytime and anywhere through their devices.

    Similarly, when a company hires a consultant to teach a specific skill to its employees, it is essential to capture the presentation and share it with everyone, allowing your company to maximize the investment and remain profitable. As we have seen in this presentation, videos are an effective tool for capitalizing on key information, skills and expertise within your business. This is an important digital asset and will further enhance the performance of your employees.

    However, note that for this to be truly useful and effective, the resources must be easily accessible by your employees.

    Thank you for watching and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Bye for now.

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Create your digital library and boost staff performance

Published on 07/27/2016   Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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