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    As a member of the “Information technology department“, your colleagues from other departments will contact you regularly about sharing videos. However, you may be concerned about the video’s security and the effect on your organization’s network. Momindum offers a global enterprise video solution for companies relying on the best technologies in the market.

    It gives a complete solution to capture, enhance and effectively broadcast your videos.

    With this unified video platform, employees from all departments like the training, internal communications, marketing and IT departments can share information and knowledge.

    Whatever the solution used to create the videos they can be effectively distributed internally and externally to customers and partners.
    Employees work in different platforms such as "LMS, CMS, ESN" and therefore wish to share videos in these platforms.

    With our "library of APIs" and numerous connectors, you can share your videos in the working platforms of your employees. They will not need to connect to a third platform for access.
    Momindum integrates easily into your intranet, website, or whatever CMS you use. We have already made connectors for Sharepoint, Joomla, and Wordpress.
    Momindum also integrates into your enterprise social network like Salesforce and Jive.

    Momindum offers you the ability to share videos in your LMS training platform as our design conforms to SCORM standard.

    In addition, your search engine can call up ours, helping your employees to rapidly find what they need and select videos and information that is of interest to them.

    Finally, you can set up the administrative pages of videos in your platforms for a total integration. Our solution leverages the best technologies in the market to ensure a high quality service. Post your videos as "live" or "on demand" without affecting your network.

    Momindum has developed a strong partnership with "Akamai", a world leader in content delivery network services.

    Akamai handles the encoding, streaming and hosting of videos on Momindum. Each video is re-encoded in MP4 and 5 different formats. Through the adaptive bitrate technology, the video quality is automatically adapted to the bandwidth of the viewer to allow for a smooth watch even with a weak internet connection.
    Momindum also uses the "CDN" Akamai that presently covers 30% of global web traffic. Thus, your viewers can watch videos stored in cache close to their locations with very fast access.

    Finally, Momindum offers a "peer to peer" technology used to decentralize the distribution of videos thereby improving their loading capacity and reducing network load. Our customers benefit from the "secured platform Akamai” certified by "PCI Compliant", which is used in the transit of bank data. It also has the "HIPAA certification" which is the data broadcasting standard in the medical field. To ensure added security, data is hosted in France and Germany.

    Finally, through our API you are assured of secured access to your content as we build on your existing in-house safety rules such as:
    "SSO" such as SAML, or LDAP
    “Filter by referrer"
    or "IP Filtering". For easy video playback, Momindum works with the universal video player the most used worldwide. Thus, viewers do not need to download anything and can view them directly from their web browsers.

    Furthermore, our video presentations are "Responsive Designs" and are therefore adapted to all your devices. It is one thing to watch a presentation and another to access only the key information from that presentation when you need it. Momindum enables you to index videos with outlines, keywords, transcripts and documents all tailored to facilitate a quick and accurate search for your viewers. That brings us to the end of this presentation. For more information, please contact us via the link on your screen.

    Thank you for watching!

    • Broadcast Secured Videos in your Information System
    • Unified Video Platform
    • Comprehensive Library of APIs and Connectors
    • Premium Video Service
    • Maximum Safety Ensured
    • Universal Video Player
    • Efficient Video Content Management
    • Thank you for watching
    • LMS, CMS, ESN
    • library of APIs
    • live
    • Akamai
    • on demand
    • CDN
    • peer to peer
    • SSO
    • secured platform Akamai” certified by
    • , which is used in the transit of bank data. It also has the
    • IP Filtering
    • Responsive Designs
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Broadcast secured videos in your information system

Published on 07/26/2016   Momindum solutions, Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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