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    This is the second video in our series on the major uses of video as part of "Blended Learning".

    In this presentation, we are going to talk about three uses of video to reinforce in-person training. We learn in different ways: some are more sensitive to speech, some teaching aids, and others through interaction with fellow participants. There is no one single way to learn. The more you can stimulate the different senses of your learners, the greater chance you have of passing along your message and having your learners retain it. So during your in-person training, use a variety of educational materials such as videos, slides, hard copy documents and more.

    From all directions, choose the eyes! According to a study on "Neuroscience and Learning," over 60% of the world population is visually dominant. As they say: "A picture is worth a thousand words”.

    Furthermore, videos are the best medium to promote learning. "Forrester Research" has calculated that a minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words. During your in-person training sessions, you can use a short video to support your speech. This will have a major impact on the understanding and retention of information. During an in-person training session, the use of video is essential for recording and saving the insights of the expert for future use.

    These recordings will eventually create a “digital library,” allowing you to help your employees and increase your return on investment.

    Learners can watch the videos again to quickly access the information they need. We advise you to always share your PowerPoint presentation alongside the recorded speech because a PowerPoint Presentation is, and must remain, a support of the speech. It is not sufficient by itself.
    Finally, videos are a good way to introduce and explain how to carry out an in-person training. Your training will include various experts, so it’s important to make a video to accompany each potential trainer.

    Explain in the video the key points to address during the in-person training, giving concrete examples and sharing the resources available to them. Thus, each expert can take over the training session quickly and efficiently. That brings us to the end of this presentation.

    In the next presentation, you will see how videos can be an effective tool after an in-person training.

    Thank you for watching.

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Blended Learning: Reinforcing an in-person training

Published on 07/26/2016   Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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