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    Hello and welcome to this video !

    Today we are going to see the best practices to create your PowerPoint before recording with Momindum Maker.

    Momindum Maker is a unique tool to record videos with a PowerPoint to create interactive presentations.

    During the creation of your PowerPoint, you need to follow some best practices !
    Titles are essentials to automatically chapter your videos so your viewers can search in the content and go directly to the part they are interested in.
    During the recording, our Maker tool will automatically retrieve the « titles » of your slides and synchronize them as the outline’s titles.

    If you didn’t write something on the default PowerPoint title textbox, our tool will synchronize the first sentence that appears on your slides.

    To create a relevant outline, we advise you to put a title on each of your slides.

    For this, create a new slide, chose a « layout » and put your title in the default PowerPoint textbox.

    To check your outline click on the « View » tab and then on « Outline View » and be sure that every slides have a title.

    If you write your title in the outline zone, it will automatically appear on the slide. You will be sure that the title will be present in the video.
    For a best outline view and a best exposure for the final viewer, you can structure your presentation with outline levels in the editing interface of Momindum Maker software.
    You need to remember that slides are only a support of your oral speech to ease the memorization and comprehension of the information for the viewers.

    We advise you to write as less text as possible. The best is to fill them with images and only write key information. The more text there is on your slides, the harder your audience will memorize your message.

    Maker doesn’t retrieve your PowerPoint animations !

    We ask you to duplicate your slides in several slides to show the information one after the other.
    Now, let’s see the key words !
    Momindum Maker also allows to synchronize some expression of your presentation as « key words ».

    Thus, viewers will be able to search in the presentation to find the specific moment they are interested in.

    If you explain the definition of a specific term, for example « GDP », you can synchronize it as a key word.

    For this, put it in quotation marks in the slide.
    You can also directly put your key words in quotation marks in the commentary box !
    The teleprompter will allow you to structure your speech, stay brief, and will automatically subtitle your video.

    If you want to use the teleprompter, you need to write your script in the PowerPoint comments area.
    It is better to write short and direct sentences. Also think to train and read out loud. Avoid long, complex sentences and complex words association.
    Don’t forget to put punctuation to allow you to cut your text in the teleprompter.
    Thanks to Maker you can add attached documents in your videos, they will appear as a pop-ups.

    Your viewers will access more information to deepen there knowledge.
    For this, you will need to add a web link in your PowerPoint.
    First of all, add a textbox in the slide and write the link title.
    Then, you only have to copy your web link in the « adress » box.
    Once the link is created, put it outside the slide to prevent any confusion for the final viewer.
    SO, now you have all the necessary informations to create your PowerPoints. Thanks for watching and see you soon on Momindum TV !

    • Best practices to create your PowerPoint !
    • Slides’ titles
    • Put a title on each slide
    • Click to add title
    • Put the outline mode
    • Structure the presentation
    • The slides
    • Put images on the slides
    • Duplicate your slides
    • Keywords
    • Define Key Words
    • Put key words in quotation marks.
    • Put in quotation marks in the commentary box
    • The teleprompter
    • Write your script in the comments area
    • 5: Linked documents
    • Add a web link to your PowerPoint
    • Add a text box
    • Copy the link adress
    • Put the link outside the slide
    • Thank you and Until next time !
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Best practices to create your PowerPoint !

Published on 03/05/2015   Best practices and Tutorials
  • AD Alexandre DEL LUNGO

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