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    In this presentation, we will discuss five of the best reasons to “self-produce” your videos - just like this one. First, it is easy to use.

    Momindum offers a simple and ergonomic solution for creating and sharing video presentations on your platform. The application is fast and allows everyone to share knowledge with attractive video content.

    Momindum’s solution is designed to help you save time by allowing you to create professional videos without disrupting your day-to-day work practices.

    Momindum also allows you to use your own media. It is directly integrated into PowerPoint, so you can enhance your existing presentations by simply recording and synchronizing your video speech.

    There are also no technical skills required to self-produce your video. Capturing and video editing are done automatically.
    Second, you can create your own videos quickly, allowing you to promptly share information with employees.

    A satisfaction survey of customers found that creating videos with Momindum solution was 2-5 times faster than traditional e-learning software.

    Companies most often use PowerPoint for information sharing. Momindum thus created a solution to capture and synchronize videos directly from PowerPoint.
    When creating your video module, note that the most time-consuming step is to prepare your training speech and create your PowerPoint; but this is unavoidable in any eLearning solution used. For more information on this, please watch the video "Best practices for creating a PowerPoint" via the link on your screen.

    You can now capture and share your video.

    If your presentation is about 10 minutes, you can record it, review your work and share it online in just half an hour. For more information on this please watch "Best Practices to self-produce a video" that you can also find via the link on your screen. The third reason to self-produce your videos is that you remain completely autonomous.

    With Momindum, you can create videos by yourself using internal resources. Thus, you benefit from PowerPoint presentations and support trainings that you already have.

    You can record speakers and allow employees to see the experts with whom they are in daily contact with via email and phone. This way you can humanize and personify your online content. It will have a positive impact on team cohesion and individual performance.

    Furthermore, sharing knowledge through internally produced videos removes the need for external communication agencies or audio visual technicians. Fourth, self-producing your video presentations significantly reduces costs.

    According to a satisfaction survey, Momindum solutions enabled customers to reduce the cost of creating content by 50%.

    It takes out the travel expenses of your experts and employees, and reduces their food and accommodation expenses. Also, self-producing videos requires very little equipment. There are no big initial investments and the cost is much lower than conventional e-learning solutions. It’s not necessary to call an external service provider.
    Finally, self-producing your video ensures more effective content.

    According to a satisfaction survey, 96% of respondents stated that video presentations with Momindum had more impact than traditional e-learning content.

    By synchronizing your video with your PowerPoint and related documents, you simultaneously stimulate the hearing and visual retention of viewers, helping them to learn and understand faster.

    With the presentation outline and indexed keywords in your videos, viewers can simply navigate through the presentation to find vital information, saving them time.

    The online accessibility of the content allows your employees to access the information from anywhere using their computer or mobile device. As you can see, it is quick and easy to self-produce a video presentation. So be sure your PowerPoint presentation is as effective as it can be for your viewers and employees by adding a self-produced video.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

    Thank you for watching!

    • 5 reasons to self-produce your videos
    • Ease of Use
    • Quick Creation
    • Total autonomy
    • Cost Reduction
    • Rapid Dissemination of Effective Content
    • Stop using just a PowerPoint
    • Thank you for watching!
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    • Best Practices to self-produce a video
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Best practices: Self-produce your videos

Published on 07/26/2016   Momindum solutions, Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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