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    Hello and welcome to this video !
    In this presentation, we will deepen the best practices to self-create a video presentation like this one. You will find in the linked documents, the first session on the subject.
    First, let’s talk about the dress code. This part is particulary important and should not be overlooked. What you should wear depends on your business sector, your target audience and the style of your video : Formal or rather fun and casual.

    However, in a work context, it is better to have a moderate and professional look. A white shirt and dark jacket seems to be the safest choice.

    Avoid wearing stripes, multicolor clothes as it may affect the white balance and create unpleasant visual effect for the viewers.

    Next, the good position to adopt in front of the camera.

    It is better to be one or two meters away from the camera so your arms are visible. This will allow you to make movements and make your video more lively. Also if you use a teleprompter, viewers will not see you reading it.

    We recommend that you stand in front of your camera. In this position, it will be better to breathe and express yourself. However, make sure that the camera is always at eye level to prevent low angle.

    You can also sit on a bar chair for example. You only have to place your computer on a high table.

    I recomand that you watch this short video to have a better understanting on how to position yourself to record a presentation and what devices to use.

    Now, let’s go into the details of each item.

    First, « microphone settings ».

    Before you start recording, remember to check the sound quality of your microphone. We recommend that you use a “lavalier micro” or a “fixed microphone” as the one in the linked documents of this presentation. Connect it to your computer and fit it properly on your jacket. Be sure to lock in the cable. It is important to properly position the microphone to avoid sounds of friction.
    Then open your computer’s Control Panel and click on the « Sound » tab.

    Then, open the Control panel on your computer and press the « Hardware and sound » tab.
    Then, press the « Sound » tab.
    Go the « Recording » and check if the microphone is activated.
    Right click on your microphone and go to « Properties »; then in the menu « Levels » to adjust the input volume.
    Finally, if the « Enhancements » is available in properties of your microphone, click on it then on « disable all sound effects ».
    Then, open Momindum Maker, and click on the format you want to record on.
    To check if your microphone works and access the advanced settings, press the star wheel on the upper right of the microphone.
    It is the same for your camera, if you use Maker, check if it is connected and make sure the « ON » tab is activated. Then, check your advanced settings by clicking on the star wheel on the upper right of the camera.
    Before starting the recording, it is essential to check the video lighting.

    First, if the environment allows you to, use the daytime light if it is enough bright.

    If your room is too dark or if the background doesn’t fit the image you want to convey, you can use a « white background » and additional lighting.

    For this, you can use a blank wall or install a blank screen in the background and position your spots to your right and left.

    Move them if necessary, to prevent unpleasant shadows on your face or behind you.

    We recommend using « spots L. E. D » that spreads a white or fluorescent light.

    Finally, in this kind of configuration, it is important to use a remote control like this one to go from one slide to the other.

    This will allow you to move freely and make your video more attractive.

    You can find references to this remote control in the linked documents of this video.

    Thanks for watching and see you soon on Momindum TV.

    • Best practices : Create a Video Presentation ! Second session
    • Dress Code
    • The position in front of the camera
    • Harware Installation: Overview
    • Which microphone to use?
    • Control Panel
    • Hardware and sound
    • Sound
    • Turning the microphone
    • Adjusting the Volume Input
    • Disable Sound Effects
    • Momindum Maker
    • Microphone settings on Maker
    • Webcam settings on Maker
    • Which lighting?
    • Which remote control?
    • Thank you and until next time !
    • fixed microphone;lavalier micro; microphone settings 
    • Best
    •  Sound 
    •  Hardware and sound 
    •  Sound 
    •  Recording 
    •  Levels ; Properties 
    • Create
    • Hello
    •  Enhancements ; disable all sound effects 
    •  ON 
    •  white background 
    •  spots L.E.D 
    • Best practices : Create a Video Presentation ! First session
    • Tips : How to position in front of the camera and what material to use ?

Best practices : Create a Video Presentation ! Second session

Published on 07/22/2016   Best practices and Tutorials
  • AD Alexandre DEL LUNGO

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