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    Hello and welcome everyone.

    In this presentation, you will learn the best practices to create a simple « video presentation » using Momindum software.

    This video is recorded on an autoproduction mode with a computer and a single Webcam.
    First, let’s see the best practices to adopt before recording the video.
    To record a good video, it is essential to determine what kind of message you want to deliver. You need to answer four questions :
    Who ? You need to determine who you will adress to and adapt effectively your message and the syle of the presentation.
    What ? What do you want to talk about ? Be sure to stay focused on the subject to share the key information,
    How ? Which way is the most effecient to approach your subject ? What type of video do you want to make ? Formal videos or entertaining presentation ?
    Why? What are the objectives of the presentation ? What do you want your viewers to learn ? What do you want them to do at the end of the presentation ?
    Once you find all the answers, we recommend that you prepare your speech.

    Start by creating an outline for your presentation. This allows you to structure your speech. It makes it easier for your viewers to understand the message.

    Then, write your script in the comments area bellow your slides. You will be able to use our « prompter » to record your video.
    You will have to read the text during the recording. This will ease the capture of the video, smooth your speech and you will save time during the recording.
    Use short sentences for a better comprehension.

    Make it short, ideally a presentation with our tools should not last more than 10 minutes.

    To be efficient behind the camera, don’t hesitate to train and read your script many times.
    The « PowerPoint » slides are a support of your speech. They help the audience’s memorizing and understanding the information.

    We advise you to cut down your content as much as possible, only write keywords and put images. The more text you put on your slides , the harder your audience will memorize your message.

    To learn more, please check the video on the « Best practices to create your PowerPoint ». You will find the link in the attached documents of this presentation.
    Before starting your recording, don’t forget to delete « annoying sounds » that could interfere during the presentation.

    Settle in a soundproof room, close the door and hang a sign to warn people to not disturb you.
    Put your smartphone on silent mode and unplug your fixe line.
    Finally, eliminate as much outside noises as possible. For example, turn off the air conditioner or the computer fan.

    High sound quality is essential. Your viewers will not watch the presentation if the sound is bad. Thus, it is extremely important to properly adjust and test your microphone before you start recording.

    For better sound quality, we suggest you use a tie-clip microphone, and avoid using your computer’s internal mic…

    In the related documents of this presentation, you will find our recommendations for a lavalier microphone and a mixer.
    To record a high-quality video, it is better to use a « white background » to enhance the clarity and quality of the video. Avoid standing in front of the window, because it counters the natural lights.

    Watch the « lighting » quality and install additional lighting if necessary, to avoid being underexposed.
    Finally, raise your computer or camera to eye level. Avoid « low angle shots » that may make your video less attractive.
    Finally, close all the open applications on your computer (E-mail, skype, videos... ). This will allow your computer to use all its power to easily and effectively process the recording and encoding of your video. So, you will get the highest quality video.
    Now, let’s see the best practices when recording your video.
    The Momindum solution manages the capture and synchronization of all elements in your presentation and displays your script on the teleprompter. Thus, you will only have to focus on reading your text. Speak loudly and clearly and « articulate ». The transmission of your message can be affected by a bad diction.

    Take your time, your viewers may not understand your message if you speak too quickly.
    Do not read your text monotonously. Think about what you are saying, speak with intonations and make gestures with your arms. The non-verbal communication is important to convey your message.

    Be sociable and smile. Your message will be received better.
    If you make an error while recording, there is no need to restart from the very beginning or have « video editing » skills to correct it.

    You only have to press pause and restart your speech from the slide of your choice. Our software will automatically edit the video.
    Now you have all the necessary informations to create an interactive video presentation. Thanks for watching and see you soon on Momindum TV !

    • Best practices : Create a Video Presentation ! First session
    • Before Capture
    • Prepare your speech
    • Designing an effective video presention
    • Repeat
    • Optimise your PowerPoint
    • Avoid annoying sounds
    • Test and verify your audio devices
    • Optimize the quality of the video
    • Close all the applications
    • During capture
    • Share effectively your message
    • Convey your message effectively
    • Restart if needed
    • Thanks and see you soon !
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Best practices : Create a Video Presentation ! First session

Published on 04/08/2015   Best practices and Tutorials
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