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    In this presentation, you will be informed on how to enhance the visibility of your corporate videos. In like manner to publicly distributed contents, organisations must apply some techniques in enhancing the impact of internally shared videos. This is because it is not enough to create a video and broadcast on a platform expecting it to be seen by all. First on the list is creating a relevant content.

    The video produced must be beneficial to employees. It must help them in their daily work responsibilities and improve their results. Otherwise, your employees may not view them.

    Make your video “concise and captivating“. Even in cases of complex information, it is best to never exceed 5 to 10 minutes. Identify a few key messages to recollect and limit the video to these. Also, choose a clear title like "5 reasons to ..." or "5 criteria ..." for example. That way, your presentation is structured and users immediately identify key points to be found in video.

    The message captured in presentations should be customized according to your target.

    Finally, create a "rich and dynamic" module. Index your video with useful additional resources for further reading. Thus, the listener finds in one click all the necessary information. Add an outline, a transcript or keywords to facilitate access to relevant information. Be sure to have a picture and an impeccable sound quality. It is also important that the speaker is dynamic and smiles to enhance the impact of the video.

    Liken your videos to TV series, kindly create several short videos rather than a single long video.

    Then upload videos in intervals, say one week for example. If you broadcast 4 videos on the same day, the viewers will not have the time to view all and then he probably forgets about them. However, if designed to take about 5 to 10 minutes weekly to watch, a positive momentum is created that generates an expectation among employees. In addition, they will make a good habit of visiting the platform frequently.

    Finally, connect them to synchronize or group them into a specific category. This way, after watching a video the listener easily accesses others of same subject. You then need to direct your video to the right place.

    If you share your videos where your employees are working, they will access it very easily. Therefore, integrate your "Web TV" directly to their "workspace“. This can be an intranet, a website, an LMS training platform or an enterprise social network. In all, avoid creating an independent platform. Furthermore, to facilitate access to information, you can also insert videos in the results of your search engine.

    To ensure the success of your videos, it is also very important to apply caution by posting it at the right time.

    The subject matter in the video must be relevant. It must allow employees to meet an immediate business need. If the subject concerns a topic that will be addressed in several months, it is best to share later to avoid a mix up of messages.

    Also, ensure communicating it at the right time. If you decide to share your video via an email for example, send it on Tuesday or Thursday morning. The impact is likely to be less on other days of the week. Monday been the first working day after the weekend, your mail may be drowned amongst others. On Wednesday, you may miss all the people who are at 4/5 and Fridays been the last working day of the week, your employees are generally focused on concluding tasks. Obviously, avoid contact during the school holidays or during a major event organized within the company. However, this scenario applies to France therefore companies should adjust according to the workforce conditions as it applies to the country in context. To ensure good visibility of your videos, please communicate expansively.

    In same manner as the broadcast of external videos via multiple channels, you must also expansively communicate internally. Share your video on all the "communication tools" available such as email, intranet, ESN and more. Seeing the video on these platforms will result in an aroused curiosity from staff.

    Furthermore, "target and personalize" the most of your communication. The content and purpose of your message is very important. Show your employees why they must watch the video. You must make them feel involved and that their understanding of the video is essential.

    Your employees receive a large amount of mails daily. It is possible that some of them do not see a video unfortunately. Also, if they do not have time to watch the video immediately, it is likely that they might forget to watch it later. This is why it is essential to carry out several reminders with different people pushing the video. Ideally, ask your management to communicate directly. This will intensely increase the visibility of the latter.

    However, if that is not your job, do not hesitate to call your communication service or a specialized agency to help you in this process.

    Finally, analyse viewing statistics and put in place the processes to intensify "personalized communication“.

    View user statistics to understand who has seen what and when. Then, analyse the results to implement automated mails. When a person views a video, you can, for example, send a thank you mail, or congratulate them and offer other complementary videos. Similarly, if some employees have not viewed an important video, send them a new personalized message.

    In like manner as "Netflix" also encourage your staff to assess the presentations. You should understand their needs and direct other materials that will be of interest to them. Through this system of “predictive analysis”, visibility will be greatly enhanced.

    Finally, share a full report to managers and employees so they know what they have viewed, not viewed or should have viewed. By keeping this track record, employees can keep a tab on key pending videos and their enthusiasm is boosted.
    In conclusion, please know we are always at your disposal for further enquiries.

    Thank you for watching!

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6 techniques to enhance visibility of your corporate videos

Published on 07/26/2016   Momindum solutions, Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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