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    In this presentation, we are going to talk about five ways that videos can enhance learning within your business.
    The first way is through creating pre-training content. Videos are a great way to enhance the impact of your training sessions by piquing your learners’ interest and closing in on any knowledge gaps before their in-person training.

    They allow you to create introductory presentations and share the prerequisites for training.

    That way, you can be sure that all of your learners have the same base-level of knowledge before you delve into the more complicated aspects of training.

    Videos are also a great way to motivate your learners. You can create “teasers” to encourage participation.
    The second reason to use videos is to increase efficiency.

    When you use videos, you reduce the time and cost associated with in-person training sessions. Experts will not need to repeat the same information over and over, and you lighten the load of travel and accommodation expenses.

    By videotaping the lecture portion of your training sessions, you allocate more time for interpersonal interaction during the in-person sessions, helping your learners commit the content to memory.

    Finally, even after the training session has ended, learners still have direct and unlimited access to the presentation information, allowing them to share and utilize the information directly in the workplace.

    These videos effectively humanize and personify online content, helping your learners to internalize and apply the information.
    Third, videos are helpful in sharing key information after the training has ended.

    Record a summary of your training to share key points and ideas. These videos are a great way to share the most important parts of your presentation.

    This reinforces the impact of training because learners can access the key points of the training at any time.

    Also, you can easily measure the performance of your video content with the statistics available online and calculate your return on investment. The fourth reason to use videos is to document the knowledge and expertise of former employees and experts.

    Many companies are faced with staff retirements each year. The knowledge, skills and valuable expertise of those individuals should be preserved to help the company continue to thrive. Before a staff member retires, they could create a video where they document their expertise for the benefit of generations to come.

    Similarly, when a company hires a consultant to teach a specific skill to it’s employees, it’s important to document that information for future reference, allowing that company to continue capitalizing on the investment.

    Finally, companies often experience turnover and every departure of a staff member results in a loss of knowledge and productivity. Employees leaving a company could create a video documenting their skills and knowledge to facilitate the efficient transfer of knowledge between individuals and teams.

    The fifth and final benefit of using videos is for introducing a new tool or product. When a company launches a new product, program or initiative, it’s necessary to educate and motivate the users of that new product.

    Videos are powerful tools in motivating employees to use a new platform. When deploying a CRM or an enterprise social network, it’s important to explain to users how these new tools will benefit them. Videos provide an effective method to convey these ideas, removing barriers to change and encouraging the adoption of the new tool or product.
    Videos are also a great way to support users in operating a new application. For example, if your business has started using a new software program, you can record a video tutorial to explain to your employees how it is used. By offering online video tutorials, you can support users by guiding them as a “virtual expert.”

    Finally, videos allow you to easily engage a community of users. Share best practices or recommendations with your employees to reinforce their performance and improve the use of company tools.

    By using videos to explain new products and tools to your employees, you will remove obstacles to change and encourage the efficacy and productivity of your workplace.

    This brings us to the end of our presentation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Thank you for watching.

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5 ways that videos can enhance training

Published on 07/27/2016   Uses and Benefits
  • CF Catherine Ferland

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