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    In this presentation we are going to talk about five reasons why you should share your videos via Momindum Cloud.

    Momindum Cloud is a comprehensive solution for creating and sharing corporate videos.

    This unique solution is equipped with "API" that will allow you to integrate your videos directly in the working platform of your employees. They will not need to connect to a third platform to access your videos. You will thus offer a true "YouTube business." Momindum Cloud integrates easily into your intranet, website, or whatever CMS you use such as Sharepoint, Joomla or Wordpress. Our solution can also integrate into your enterprise social network (Yammer or Jive for example) or to your LMS training platform.

    With Momindum Cloud, you will also receive our software solution, which can be used to easily create video presentations like the one you are currently viewing. With our "Maker" tool, you automatically synchronize your video with a PowerPoint, a transcript, outline, keywords and related documents. This will help your viewers to better understand and retain the presentation content.
    You can create your videos with our Maker solution, but it is not obligatory. With Momindum Cloud, you can upload and share any videos you have recorded with a screen capture solution, a smartphone, a professional agency or through other methods.

    Finally, you can sort videos by category and speakers, allowing viewers to easily find the exact information they need. By sharing your videos in Momindum Cloud, you create a real library of knowledge for your employees.

    You can index your video with a transcript, outline and keywords, thus making your content more organized and searchable. With our search engine, your users can quickly find videos of interest, as well as the specific parts of those videos to watch, ultimately saving time.

    This is essential because if online content is not organized, it cannot be properly used. Imagine a library where any book is available, but there is no index. You have all of the knowledge at your disposal, but no way to know how or where the books are stored and no way to properly access that knowledge.

    With Momindum Cloud, your videos will become organized and easily accessible. Accessibility is key in sharing information with your employees, especially as more and more people work from their mobile devices.

    Therefore Momindum automatically re-encodes your videos to make them playable on tablets and smartphones. Our video presentations are perfectly adapted to all of your devices. Momindum offers the best video hosting technology.

    Momindum has established a partnership with Akamai, the first service provider in the cloud. Akamai enables enterprises to deliver products online on all types of terminals worldwide. Momindum ensures a 100% rate of video distribution.

    Note that your employees do not always have sufficient internet connection, especially while watching videos from their smartphones out of the office. That’s why Momindum offers a technology called "Adaptive bit-rate.” It detects the bandwidth of the user and adapts the quality of the video so it can be viewed in the best possible conditions.

    Furthermore, when many videos are displayed simultaneously, it can saturate your company's internal network. This is why we offer a technology called "Peer-to-peer.” Momindum uses peer-to-peer to decentralize the distribution of video content, thereby improving loading capacity and reducing the customers' network load.

    Momindum also offers a "Live" solution that enables an instant broadcast simultaneously with all staff without saturating the network. So the CEO or an outside expert can speak to all of the employees at the same time, live.

    The last point concerning our advanced video technology is security. This topic is always crucial for our customers. We understand that you regularly share confidential information. For this reason, our customers benefit from our highly secured Akamai platform. This certified platform manages the secure transmission of data, such as bank and medical records.
    Finally, Momindum Cloud gives you detailed reports to quickly quantify the impact of your presentation. These include statistics such as the number of views, consultation time, and most viewed chapters per user, which are all tailored to give you the information necessary to calculate your ROI. This brings us to the end of our presentation. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the link on your screen.

    Thank you for watching!

    • Five reasons to share your videos via Momindum Cloud
    • A powerful "YouTube business"
    • Direct access to relevant information
    • Accessibility anywhere and anytime
    • Advanced video technology
    • Quantify the impact of your presentation
    • Thank you for watching!
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5 reasons to share your videos via Momindum Cloud

Published on 07/26/2016   Momindum solutions, Uses and Benefits
  • SH Simone Holmes

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